Jamdani Saree Hat is now at Demra on the bank of Shitalakha river at Rupganj, Noapara in Narayanganj District near Dhaka.

Jamdani Saree Hat

The hat is a Bangla word. It means Bazar. The local name of a hat is Aarong. But there is a separate meaning of Haat and Aarong. Hat means evening bazar and Aarong means morning bazaar. The weavers come here to sell the Saree. The Hat starts at 4:30 am and ends before 7:00 am. It is one-day bazar in a week. Friday is the fixed day for this Saree marketplace. Buyer can purchase good Saree at a wholesale rate from here.

Jamdani is a costly cloth for women. It is made by ultra-fine cotton. There are many verity and categories. There is some Jamdani Shop House near the Hat.

Near the Jamdani Hat, there is a place, it is called Jamdani Palli. A hat also held there at the same time. The Jamdani Karigar lives here and weaves Saree.

How to Go

The hat is near Demra at Noapara in Narayanganj District near to Dhaka. There is a direct bus from Muhamudpur Dhaka to Demra. This bus goes through Muhamudpur, Shamoli, Farmgate, Mouchak, Bansree, and Demra. Bus fare may come TK.50 for per person. Buyer can use their own private car also or hair a Micro. It will take 45 minutes or one hour to reach the Haat.

How to Buy

It should very careful at the time of buying a Sari. There is the verity of low-quality yarn in the market. Nylon is one of them. Finishing is also an important subject.


Price of Jamdani Saree  (জামদানি শাড়ি) depends on the design and the quality of the yarn. The minimum cost of a Jamdani Saree is BDT15000.00. It may go up to BDT1,00,000.00.

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