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  • Sale! Ajwa Dates Bangladesh

    Ajwa Dates | আজওয়া খেজুর

    ৳ 1,400.00 ৳ 1,350.00

    Ajwa Dates (আজওয়া খেজুর) is dry fruit. The Bangla name is Khajur. This has a highly concentrated food value. Our shop sells it at a low price in Bangladesh.

    • Product Details

      Product  NameAJWAH AL MADINA Dates (আজওয়া খেজুর)
      Weight500 Grams
      Country of OriginUAE
      ColorDeep Brown
  • Sale! Almond Nuts

    Almond Nuts | Kath Badam | কাঠ বাদাম

    ৳ 700.00 ৳ 600.00

    Almond Nuts (কাঠ বাদাম) are known as a different name. Names are Kath Badam. Our shop sells this at a low price in Bangladesh.

    Product Feature

    Product NameAlmond Nuts (কাঠ বাদাম)
    Product ColorBrown
    Import FromIndia
    Delivery ChargeTK80.00
    Call or Contact01768442200
  • Sale! Canned Fish in Bangladesh

    Canned Fish | Sardines | 125 GM

    ৳ 210.00 ৳ 200.00

    Canned Fish is processed food, suitable for a sandwich, pizza, and Berger. Our online shop sells it at the best price in Bangladesh.

    Product Details

    Product  NameCan Sardines Fish
    BrandRoyalty Taste of Distinction
    Weight125 Grams
    Country of OriginUK
    Ingredient TypeNon-Vegetarian Fish
  • Sale! Hibiscus MushroomsEdible Mushrooms

    Edible Mushrooms | মাশরুম | 225 gm

    ৳ 100.00 ৳ 90.00

    We sell dry oyster edible mushrooms from our online shop. It is also known as creamy white mushroom or PO2. Buy from us at the best price in Bangladesh.

    Product Description

    Product NameHibiscus Mushrooms
    Origine CountryChina
    Net Weight225 gm (In one Can)
    ColorCreamy White
  • Sale! Pure Cow Ghee

    Pure Cow Ghee | খাঁটি ঘি | 500 gm

    ৳ 1,200.00 ৳ 1,000.00

    We sell Pure Cow Ghee desi brand in Bangladesh at a low price. It is totally organic and original. We can give you 100% grantee.

    Product Details

    Product NamePure Ghee (খাঁটি গরুর দুধের ঘি)
    Weight500 g
    OrigineHomemade and Handmade, Bangladesh

    বাংলাদেশের খাবারে ঘি অন্যতম একটি অংশ। আমাদের দেশে খাবার সুস্বাধু করার জন্য ঘি ব্যবহার হয়। আমরা মনোহারী শপ আপনাকে খাঁটি ঘি সরবরাহ করার নিশ্চয়তা দিচ্ছি।

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