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  • Sale! Electric Air BlowerAir Blower Tools

    Electric Air Blower

    ৳ 1,200.00 ৳ 1,100.00

    This Electric Air Blower machine is mini in size. It is good for clean dust electronic device computer. You can buy this from our online shop with an affordable low price in Bangladesh.


    • Brand: SUPER
    • Model: 0023
    • Voltage: 230V~
    • Frequency: 50Hz
    • Watt: 500W
    • Input power: 600 W
    • No-load speed: 0-18,000r/min
    • Wind Volume: 2.8m3/min
    • Packing
    • Packing size 54.5X29X37.5CM box
    • Weight 1.2kg (Total Box)
    • Accessories
    • Carbon brush 1 set blow pipe 1pc , dustbag 1pc
    • Made in China
    • The Product is same as in Image.
    • Contact: 01768442200
  • Sale! Panasonic Hair Dryer Black

    Hair Dryer

    ৳ 1,400.00 ৳ 1,350.00

    It is Panasonic Hair Dryer. Color is black. The product uses for dry hair man and woman. You can buy this from our online shop with an affordable low price in Bangladesh.

    • All the products are like as in the image
    • পন্যের বিবরণ
      • ব্র্যান্ড: PANASONIC
      • মডেল: EH-ND13-K
      • খুব দ্রুত চুল শুকায়
      • টার্বো ড্রাই ও সহজে বহন করা যায়
      • 3 টি স্পিড ও ২টি হিট সেটিং
      • হ্যান্ডেল ইজি স্টাইলিং
      • ওভারহিট প্রোটেকশন
      • পাওয়ার: ১০০০ ওয়াট
      • মেড ইন থাইল্যান্ড
      • Contact: 01768442200
  • Sale! Best High Powered BinocularsBinocular Bag

    High Powered Binoculars

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    ৳ 5,000.00 ৳ 4,500.00

    High Powered Binoculars are the device for viewing distant objects. Our shop sells the best Binocular with night vision at a low price in Bangladesh.

    Tips and Note: Before buying the item, check the magnification power and weight.

    Product Specifications

    Brand NameArboro Binocular
    Made inChina
    Size9 inches height
    Packing Size9.5 inches height
    Field of view60m at 1000 m(20X)
    Objective lens diameter60mm / 2.36in

    The Box Includes

    • 1 Binoculars,
    • One Black Carry Bag
    • 1 x Cleaning Cloth
    • 1 x Belt
    • 2 x Eyepiece Hood
    • 2 x Object Lens Covers
  • Sale! Ladies Hand Purses

    Ladies Hand Purses

    ৳ 650.00 ৳ 600.00

    Ladies Hand Purses are the bags for women which they carry every time when they go shopping. we sell it from our store at a low price in Bangladesh. The leather bag is always popular with them.

    Product Features

    • Type: Ladies Wallets
    • Brand: YaMei
    • Gender: Women
    • Use: Credit Card
    • Shape: Square
    • Long: 7.8 Inches
    • Width: 4 Inches
    • Width: 1 Inch
    • Contact: 01768442200


  • Sale! Black Leather Card Holder

    Leather Card Holder

    ৳ 450.00 ৳ 400.00

    Leather Card Holder is mainly used for as credit and visiting card keeper. It looks like a small wallet. We sell it in Bangladesh from our shop. শত ভাগ চামড়া ও আমাদের নিজেদের তৈরী।

    Product Specifications

    Product NameLeather Card Holder
    SizeHeight-4.5 in, Length-3 in
    CategoryHandicraft Leather Item
    MaterialsGoat Leather (100%)
    Made inBangladesh
  • Sale! Manicure Set Toolsmanicure set box

    Manicure Set

    ৳ 550.00 ৳ 475.00

    Manicure Set is stainless steel. There are 12 Items are in the Box. So it is also called 12 in 1. The product is very fashionable.

    • The product is same as the picture.
    • Contact: 01768442200
  • Sale! BOGESI Mens Leather WalletsMens Leather Wallets

    Mens Leather Wallets

    ৳ 600.00৳ 1,000.00

    Mens Leather Wallets are usually used for banknotes. We sell the quality of wallet at a low price in Bangladesh. The brand name is BOGESI.

    • আমাদের পণ্যটি উন্নমানের ও ভাল। আমাদের স্টক সীমিত।


  • Sale! Mobile Phone Cover

    Mobile Phone Cover

    ৳ 500.00 ৳ 450.00

    Our online shop sales Mobile Phone Cover Cases in Bangladesh. These Mobile Back Covers are fashionable and brand product. Our price is low and reasonable.

    Product Details

    • Name: Mobile Back Cover
    • Type: Back Cover
    • Color: As given picture
    • Condition: New
    • Design/Finish: Plain
    • Brand: Unbranded
    • Material: Hard Plastic
    • Made in: China
    • Warranty: No Warranty
    • Contact: 01768442200
  • Sale! Nakshi Kantha Shop Bangladesh

    Nakshi Kantha

    ৳ 3,500.00 ৳ 3,000.00

    Nakshi Kantha (নকশী কাঁথা) mainly use for home decoration. It also use as bed cover and pillow cover. You can buy this from our online shop with an affordable low price in Bangladesh.

    Product Information

    • Name:  Nakshi Kantha
    • Fabric: Cotton
    • Weight: 2 kg
    • Length: 8.5 ft
    • Width: 7.5 ft
    • Style: Embroidered
    • Product Origin: Jamalpur
    • Care: Hand Wash With Mild Detergent
  • Sale! Passport CoverPassport Bag

    Passport Cover

    ৳ 450.00 ৳ 400.00

    Passport Cover is a very important thing for a traveler to protect his passport. You can buy this from our online shop with an affordable low price in Bangladesh.

    Product Description

    Size3.9 x 5.5 x 0.4 inches
    Made in China


  • Sale! Rubiks Cube Round 5 x 5

    Rubik’s Cube

    ৳ 300.00৳ 1,200.00

    Rubik’s Cube is a kind of puzzle game to solve. It is used as a toy for all age. Our store sells it at a low price in Bangladesh.

    • All the products are like as in the image.

    Product Feature

    • Product Name: Rubik’s Cube
    • Age Limit :6 years above
    • Weight :105gm to 220gm
    • Import From : China
    • Price : TK300.00-TK1200.00
    • Delivery Charge :TK60.00 (Dhaka Metro)/ TK90.00 (Outside Dhaka)
    • Call or SMS :01768442200
  • Sale! Sandwich Maker Bangladesh

    Sandwich Maker

    ৳ 1,450.00 ৳ 1,420.00

    A Sandwich Maker is a kitchen item. It is used to heat, toast a sandwich of two slices of bread and a filling. You can buy this from our online shop with an affordable low price in Bangladesh.

    Product Feature

    • Product Brand Name: Walton Sandwich Maker
    • Non-stick coating for easy cleaning
    • Color: Black & Silver
    • Capacity: 4 Slices
    • Rating: ~240V, 50Hz
    • Power: 750W
    • Easy grip handle
    • High temperature for tasty results
    • Made in: Walton Bangladesh
    • Price: TK.1,420.00
    • Call or SMS: 01768442200

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