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  • Sale! Totapuri Mango

    Totapuri Mango । তোতাপুরি আম – 20 kg

    ৳ 2,500.00 ৳ 2,400.00

    Purchase Totapuri Mango । তোতাপুরি আম from our online store. We supply the best mangos from different parts of Bangladesh to our customers at a low price.

    Product Details

    NameTotapuri Mango । তোতাপুরি আম
    Price -মুল্যদাম উঠা নামা করে
    Supply From Rajshahi Division রাজশাহী
    Weight20KG (In a box)
    Size4-6 PCS (Per KG)
    Payment MethodAdvance (bKash or Card)


    1. We directly supply the product to your door from the garden.
    2. We provide totally chemical free mango fruit.
    3. Received money before delivery.

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  • Sale! Transparent Bra

    Transparent Bra

    ৳ 1,100.00 ৳ 1,000.00

    Transparent Bra is a woman inner upper garment. It is imported from China. You can buy this from our online shop with an affordable low price in Bangladesh.

    Product Description

    NameTransparent Bra
    PriceBD 1000.00
    FabricsCotton, Nylon, Spandex
    Cup ShapeThree-Quarters (3/4 Cup)
    Made inChina
    NoteThe product will be the same as you see in the picture.
  • Sale!

    Travel Air Pillow

    ৳ 550.00 ৳ 500.00

    Travel Air Pillow is used for outdoor traveling and camping. You can buy this from our online shop with an affordable low price in Bangladesh.

    Product Feature

    BrandINTEX Flocked Air Pillow
    Weight151g (with the packet)
    Product Size17″ x 11″ x 3.5″
    Package Size19.5cm x 12.5cm x 2.5cm
    Package Include1 x Inflatable Air Pillow, 1 x repair patch
  • Sale! Triphala Mixture Powder

    Triphala Powder | ত্রিফলা চূর্ণ | 250 gm

    ৳ 400.00 ৳ 300.00

    Triphala Mixture (ত্রিফলা মিকচার)  is a mixture of Amlaki, Bahera, and Haritaki. It an Ayurveda organic medicine. We sell it at a low price in Bangladesh.

    Product Description

    NameTriphala Powder | ত্রিফলা চূর্ণ
    Weight250 gm
    Made in A herbal Item from Bangladesh
  • Sale! Ultra Thinnest Luxury Brand Condom with Extra Lubricant and Time

    Ultra Thinnest Condom | Extra Lubricant and Time | Luxury Brand

    ৳ 650.00 ৳ 600.00

    We are the best condom supplier online Shopping store with a low price in Bangladesh. Our sale shop will deliver the product to your home secretly. We have different brand and size of condoms.

    Product Description

    NameAmore Luxury Condom (Gold)
    Dimensions180mm x 60mm x 0.65-0.08mm(thickness)
    Box Weight220 g
    Made in Malaysia

    Important Note

    • Customer must have to confirm by Mobile
    • We receive money by bKash before delivery of the product.
    • bKash No: 01768442200 (Personal)
    • delivery Charge: BDT 60.00


  • Sale! Electric USB Lighter

    USB Lighter

    ৳ 1,300.00 ৳ 1,200.00

    USB Lighter is an Electric charger rechargeable lighter. There is a USB port to charge the cigarette lighter. You can buy this from our online shop with an affordable low price in Bangladesh.

    • All the products are like as in the image

    Product Feature

    Product Brand NameALON USB Lighter
    Packet IncludeOne Box,

    One USB Lighter,

    One Manual

    Weight72 gm (without Packet)
    Import FromChina
    Delivery ChargeTK60.00 (Dhaka Metro)/ TK90.00 (Outside Dhaka)
    Call or SMS01768442200
  • Sale! Walnuts Akhrot Picture | আখরোট

    Walnuts Akhrot | আখরোট | 500 gm

    ৳ 1,100.00 ৳ 900.00

    Walnuts Akhrot (আখরোট) is a nut which has high nutritional value and health benefits. We sell organic untoasted Walnut at a low price in Bangladesh.

    Product Description

    Product NameOriginal Organic Walnuts Akhrot ( without Shell)
    Origine CountryKasmir, India
    Net Weight500 gm
    Delivery Charge
    • Free shipment (Online Card Payment)
    • TK60.00 (Dhaka Metro)/ TK120.00 (Outside Dhaka)
  • Sale! Whitening Soap

    Whitening Soap

    ৳ 500.00 ৳ 450.00

    ALADA is a whitening soap.  It helps to make bright and spotless skin. This soap comes from Thailand. We sell it at low price in Bangladesh.

    অ্যালাদা সাবান মেস্তা,ব্রনের দাগ,ঘাড়,গলা,বগল এর কালো দূর করে ফেস ও শরীর ফর্সা করবে ৩ দিনে।পৃথিবীর বিখ্যাত সবানের একটি। এটি জনপ্রিয় সাবান, এই সাবান প্রতিশ্রুতি দেয় ব্রণ, এবং মেছতা  রিমুভ করে।

    Product Details

    Product NameALADA Whitening Soap
    Net Weight160 gm
    Place of OriginBangkok, Thailand
    Guaranteed100% Original
  • Sale! Wifi Wireless Mouse

    Wifi Wireless Mouse

    ৳ 1,200.00 ৳ 1,000.00

    Wifi Wireless Mouse is HP brand. It makes easy your computer work. Our shop sell it at a low price in Bangladesh. The product has the one-year warranty.

    More Info

    • Contact: 01768442200
    • Product is as on Picture
  • Sale! Women Nighty Dress

    Women Nighty Dress

    ৳ 1,000.00 ৳ 800.00

    Women Nighty Dress is nightgown for women. It is women garments. We sell different type and styles of nightwear for ladies in Bangladesh. Our Shopping Store offers you a different type of female Nighties Dress. We have limited in our stock.

    Product Description

    NameWomen Nighty Dress
    SizeOne Size (Free)
    ColorAs on Image
    Made in Imported from India
  • Sale! Women Razor

    Women Razor

    ৳ 300.00 ৳ 200.00

    Women Razor is a special category of the underarm razor. It is used for saving armpit and under part of the body. We sell it low price in Bangladesh market.

    • Quanty= 2 PCS
    • Men and women both can use this.
  • Sale! MI Fast Charger

    Xiaomi Charger

    ৳ 1,000.00 ৳ 800.00

    This Xiaomi Charger is a 2 Ports USB Charger. Two mobile can charge at the same time. It is MI brand. Our shop sells it at the best price in Bangladesh.

    Product Description

    NameMI 2 Port Quick Charger – QC 3.0
    BrandMI / Xiaomi
    ModelMi 2 Ports USB Charger – QC 3.0
    Dimension8×5 x 3 cm
    VoltageInput voltage 100-240~ 50/60Hz 0.5A
    Output voltage 5V/3A, 9V/2A, or 12V/1.5A
    Weight40 g
    Warranty3 Months Replacement
    Color White
    Made in China
    Package1 x Xiaomi Mi 2 Ports USB Charger

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