Pink Himalayan Salt | হিমালয় লবণ

Price: ৳ 650 Quantity: 1 kg

Pink Himalayan salt comes from the Panjab state of Pakistan. This rock salt reduces weight. We sell it in Bangladesh at ...

Acupressure Tools | 5 in One

Price: ৳ 1000 Quantity: 1 box

Acupressure Tools, we are selling from our shopping store at a low price in Bangladesh....

Copper Water Bottle

Price: ৳ 2000 Quantity: 1

Copper Water Bottle is pure. Taking water from the copper vessels has Ayurveda benefits. Our online shop sells it at a l...

Sona Pata | সোনা পাতা

Price: ৳ 300 Quantity: 200 gm

Senna leaf (সোনা পাতা) uses as an Ayurveda medicine to clear stool. It is a herbal product. Our shop sel...

Ovulation Test Kit for LH Hormone

Price: ৳ 700 Quantity: 7 pcs

Ovulation Test Kit is a Fertility monitoring tool to detect an increase in LH hormone in women’s urine rapidly. W...

Buffet Gel Fuel

Price: ৳ 600 Quantity: 3 pcs

Buffet Gel Fuel cans are one kind of chafing burning stove for the cook in a picnic and outdoor event. Our shop sells it...

Chia Seeds | চিয়া বীজ

Price: ৳ 500 Quantity: 500 gm

Chia Seeds are one of the weight-loss herbal food. It is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Our online shop sell...

Brazilian Nuts | ব্রাজিলীয় বাদাম

Price: ৳ 900 Quantity: 200 gm

Brazil Nuts are nuts of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru. Our shop sells it in Bangladesh at the best ...

Multani Mati | মুলতানি মাটি

Price: ৳ 200 Quantity: 250 gm

The Multani Mati (মুলতানি মাটি) has been used to get rid of skin issues and achieve radiant skin i...

MCT Oil | A furnished Coconut oil

Price: ৳ 1700 Quantity: 500 ml

MCT means medium-chain triglycerides. This supplementary food is made from coconut. Our shop sells at a low price in Ban...

Apple Cider Vinegar | BRAGG

Price: ৳ 1550 Quantity: 946 ml

We are selling Organic Apple Cider Vinegar of the BRAGG brand with Mother from our shop in Bangladesh at a low price. It...

Jafran Masala | Kashmiri Saffron

Price: ৳ 650 Quantity: 1 gm

Organic Orginal Kashmiri Red Saffron is one kind of spice. Buy this from our online Shopping store at a low price in Ban...

Epsom Salt

Price: ৳ 800 Quantity: 250 gm

Epsom Salt chemical name is Magnesium sulfate. The main use is for the component of the bath. Buy at the best price in B...

Himalayan Rock Salt

Price: ৳ 800 Quantity: 500 gm

Himalayan Pink Salt is totally edible and virgin. It is good for weight loss and diabetics. We sell salt all over Bangla...

Sea Salt | Kosher Salt

Price: ৳ 650 Quantity: 250 gm

Sea Salt or solar salt is used for cooking. It is unrefined and produced from the evaporation of seawater. Buy at the be...

Walnuts Akhrot | আখরোট

Price: ৳ 500 Quantity: 250 gm

Walnuts Akhrot (আখরোট) is a nut that has high nutritional value and health benefits. We sell organic untoasted...

Almond Nuts | Kath Badam | কাঠবাদাম | খুবানি

Price: ৳ 550 Quantity: 500 gm

Almond Nuts (কাঠবাদাম খুবানি) are known by a different name. My name is Kath Badam. Our sho...

Pine Nuts | চিলগোজা বাদাম

Price: ৳ 2000 Quantity: 100 gm

Pine Nuts ( চিলগোজা বাদাম) or Chilgoza is a nut that has nutritional value and health benefits....

Cashew Nuts | কাজুবাদাম

Price: ৳ 350 Quantity: 250 gm

Cashew Nuts (Kaju Badam | কাজুবাদাম ) are one of the superfoods for health, especially for the brain. ...

Peanuts | চীনাবাদাম

Price: ৳ 250 Quantity: 500 gm

Peanuts (চীনাবাদাম) are one of the superfoods for health lovers, especially for the brain. Our shop se...

Other's Product

Agarbatti Incense Sticks

Price: ৳ 500 Quantity: 12 box

Ashwagandha Powder | অশ্বগন্ধা

Price: ৳ 300 Quantity: 100 gm

Ragi Finger Millet | রাগী

Price: ৳ 550 Quantity: 500 gm

Push Up Bar

Price: ৳ 600 Quantity: 2 pcs

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In Dhaka City: Tk60.00/per kg. Out of Dhaka Tk130.00/per kg. Courier service charges we receive in advance.

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We are requesting our customer to inform the seller about the return product within 24 hour and submit a complain to Manohari also.

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